One of the WINNERS is..
Campaigning on Main Field
One Potato, Two Potato, Three Potato, Four .....  Get 'em while they're hot...
Baked Potatoes are just one of the many hand-outs.
There goes the last one ...(# 1194)  ...Sorry they're  All Gone
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Note the 9X9
"Tourist Tent"
Lister Hut
Old hot water tanks cut in half,
got "legs" and became B.B.Q.s
Sherwood Contingent was easy to find ... just look down the field for the teepee marquee
Their handout of raspberry tea was always welcome and always kept hot on the fire inside.
As another Reunion comes to a close, the Closing Ceremonies closed some eyes as well as the camp for another year (... must have been all those late nights spent singing with Peterborough.
Many Candidates vie for a position on the Reunion Committee